Suspected hippie in transit
a rockin` alternative to today`s mondane commercial white noise that we hear daily on th airwaves.

S.H.I.T.`s music, a fusing of the best of rock from the 60`s and 70`s with contemparary rock`n roll, refuses to compromise and be stepped on.

Refuses to be a part of today`s factory produced products that leave raped and forgotten
artist`s in their wake in order to produce list hits.

Don`t conform --- be a rebell

Short biography:
From 1986 thru 1992 Mats Jonsson was the guitarist and composer in "ZIRRR", an underground band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band toured extensivly, reaching public success. 1992 the band split, never to reform again as the founder of the band, Ulf Kihlberg, passed away in Nepal.

1994 saw Jonsson playing violin and turning more towards traditional Swedish folkmusic. In 1999 together with Snild Orre he released the album "TRAD", (not distributed) consisting entirely of Swedish folkmusic.

In 2006 Jonsson returned to rock music.

Christel O

".....sang "Wham" songs in the theatre and arranged jazz concerts while in high school...." She studied television-theatre and then went abroad to save the world. Eventually ending up in Berlin, "where i learned to sing, listening to Tori Amos". After meeting Mats at the end of 2006, "I decided to spread my wings and give my voice a chance". "We recorded some songs, and that`s that"!